Cellular radio frequency testing, data collection and analysis. Redefined.

Our purpose, our mantra

RANlytics exists solely to provide operators, network integrators and installers with the best possible insight into the highest quality cellular RF performance and benchmarking data

Legacy RF testing tools no longer meet operators’ needs

For too long, the many issues imposed by expensive legacy RF test tools have constrained your ability to test as extensively and frequently as you need, and to maximise the business value you can extract from your test data.

RANlytics has spent 6 years re-thinking every aspect of indoor and outdoor RF testing and test data use, and developing an integrated portfolio of solutions that addresses each and every one of the issues you face in using legacy tools, and eliminates all of the constraints they impose on you.

Our radically new approach combines our own purpose-designed and built test hardware with highly innovative cloud-based post-processing, data visualisation, reporting and analysis tools to give your entire business actionable insight into RF performance and benchmark test data.

We eliminate scaling problems so that you can now test as extensively and frequently as you like. Just in time for small cell and 5G deployments.

All at a much lower cost that eliminates your CAPEX and lowers your OPEX through our unique subscription-based service model